Wolves Summit 2016

Wolves Summit 2016

The Wolves Summit – a startup focused conference – will take place 25-26 October 2016 in Warsaw. Previous edition took place in April 2016 and gathered 2044 people from 51 countries. Turns out if you want to hang out with the wolves you no longer need to go beyond the wall. Order of Code CEO – Wit Więch will join the pack to promote the two, out of many, projects that Order of Code is working on.

iAtrakcje.pl – a local booking platform

iAtrakcje Logo

iAtrakcje.pl is a booking platform aimed at smaller businesses. Local companies often lack resources or knowledge to run their own websites.

In recent years Poland became one of more popular travel destination. Tourists now prefer tranquility of smaller villages over noisy and polluted cities. Going off the beaten track, experiencing raw nature and local cuisine is a reward in itself. No traffic, no crowds, no problem.

Why it is different

Curated, well written descriptions, good quality photos and up to date contact details.
Targeting local businesses that offer unique, cozy atmosphere instead of boring chain hotels.
iAtrakcje.pl isn’t only for accommodation booking. Find restaurants, museums, hiking opportunities and other points of interest.
Perfect place not only to find a place to sleep but activities to enjoy during the day.

Route prediction algorithm

Number of vehicles is increasing fuelled by introduction of electric and autonomous cars. So is time spent on commute between work and home, either by own vehicle or public transport. Cars are also getting smarter by storing extra data such as time ot day, weather, route taken and so on.

Analysis of such information allows to predict which road the driver may travel. Helping to deploy better route finding algorithms or connecting people who travel in the same direction. Automated car-pooling of the XXI century.

This solution it is not limited to one time trips and occasional travel. It possible to connect people who are working in the same buildings or campuses and reduce the car usage. This will have a impact on our health & environment with lower carbon and noise emission.

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