Automating advert generation

Problem / Goal
It was necessary to generate a massive number of adverts (over 100 000) and export them to a format readable by third-party systems. The tool was supposed to allow the design of advert text, localization with proper grammar forms, manual tweaking and targeting of the most popular phrases. At the same time the advert generation had to be done quickly (under 5 minutes).
We designed and implemented a solution as a standard MS Excel VBA application with code optimized for performance. The tool connected to existing databases to obtain the most popular destinations together with their translations and minimal prices. It allowed the user to create various advert templates and then it dynamically created hundreds of thousands of adverts for various marketing campaigns in different markets. Finally, the application created export files to be loaded into third party tools of companies like Efficient Frontier and Marion.
The implemented tool offered all of the required functionality. The speed of advert generation was about 5 times faster than required. The chosen implementation meant no additional costs for the client. Generation of massive number of adverts allowed significant increase in paid traffic and was one of the factors contributing to the overall growth of Skyscanner.


Wit Więch
Co-founder and CEO