CMS as a data source

Problem / Goal
Skyscanner needed lots of articles for SEO purposes, and a tool for creating and managing the content, with support for complex workflow rules – there were authors, editors, content managers and other roles with appropriate tasks and permissions. They also needed an efficient way to display the content size for millions of users every day.
The problem required an individual approach. It was not only a matter of choosing and installing a CMS system. We had to design a bigger piece of architecture.

While the solution required fairly sophisticated infrastructure with multiple servers and technologies, it significantly improved the system robustness and scalability in addition to providing additional failover mechanisms. It also allowed us to handle the large volumes of visitors and reduced the downtime between updating content and having it available on a production site.

The CMS solution we decided to deploy was Drupal which served more as a framework than CMS solution. Among other similar tools it required the least effort to implement the complex business logic we needed and to create multiple user types with adjustable permissions.

After several months of work we managed to achieve our goal. Skyscanner got a scalable, secure and stable system for presenting SEO content.


Wit Więch
Co-founder and CEO
Tomasz Marcinek
Co-founder and Software Architect