Constructables prototype

Problem / Goal
Our client wanted a website that would provide teachers and students with a place to construct and refer to a non-linear “curriculum” (an organized set of educational materials) for project-based learning in fablabs and makerspaces. Due to technical constraints, the client needed the project frontend done in Drupal.
We started with a plain vanilla Drupal theme and supplemented it by our customizations, which included:

  • a custom slideshow editor (to allow teachers to create learning materials with a uniform look and feel, matching a design that already existed previously) and player,
  • custom UI controls to fit in with the hand-drawn feel of the site,
  • customized search filters, including non-linear range filters, as well as allowing teachers to find and add existing, relevant content to their own projects, and
  • special handling of versioning.
The finished prototype served as a testing ground and focal point for conversations between the client and multiple types of target users.


Tomasz Marcinek
Co-founder and Software Architect
Radosław Szuban
Infrastructure Engineer