Database migration

Problem / Goal
Dr. Fudali ran her medical practice using dedicated software for 18 years, but this had become troublesome, as the program was DOS-based. Moreover, the database had inexplicably gotten split into two partially synchronized databases, which forced Dr Fudali to simultaneously work with two instances of the program, having some data in one of them, some in both. She did not manage to find a programmer to merge the Foxpro DBF databases.
First of all, we advised Dr. Fudali to buy new, commercial software for her practice, and we helped with the shopping process. We also extracted the data from both Foxpro databases, and moved it temporarily to the more familiar and powerful SQL server, which let us merge the data easily into one database. Finally we converted the data and imported it into the MS Access database format of the new software. We also gave Dr. Fudali some training on the new software solution.


Kamila Marcinek
Database Developer
Radosław Szuban
Infrastructure Engineer