Drupal-based lifestyle blog

Problem / Goal
Monika, a fashion & lifestyle blogger from the Polish mountain region of Podhale needed a clean and simple blogging platform for sharing her thoughts and opinions.

The platform should preferably be rich featured and easy to use. The used theme needed to be clean, elegant and, if possible, responsive in design. Monika also needed the ability to group posts in different categories and display them separately.

The Drupal CMS engine was selected and installed on a remote server along with a dedicated, handcrafted, responsive theme. The main reason for choosing Drupal was that it is a very good framework for implementing custom solutions and after initial training it is fairly easy to use while providing many features.

After designing, developing and testing the theme, we provided Monika with basic training, including managing Drupal and basics of text formatting.

While deploying a blogging platform and a dedicated theme was a rather simple project, we are always happy to see that it’s being actively used and works as expected. In addition, it allows Monika to express her creative side and her thoughts and ideas.