100G network analysis software

Problem / Goal
Calnex wanted to introduce a new set of products aimed at testing 100Gb/s networks and 100GbE devices. The new solution was to include leading edge hardware (created by Calnex) for conducting highly precise measurements combined with software for storing and analyzing acquired data in real-time and offline. Calnex wanted everything to be encased in a single Linux box and managed by a web GUI. The updated version of the analyser tool was also to be available as a stand-alone application for Microsoft Windows.
In close cooperation with Calnex we created a new version of the Calnex Analyser Tool (CAT) and a new Data Storage tool. Both pieces of software run under Windows and Linux.

Data Storage serves as middleware between capture engines and the CAT. Its main purpose is to record high-rate data samples and to serve them for further online and offline analysis. It is also responsible for on-the-fly data compression and assurance of data completeness and consistency, e.g. in the event of a power failure.

In CAT, we added new features and removed legacy WinForms, replacing it with a web-based GUI which communicates with a backend through WebSockets and RESTful services.

The addition of many new features and further algorithm optimization resulted in an application which can reliably process and display incoming data at a rate of over 1000 samples per second.


Robert Pelczarski
Co-founder and Senior Developer
Kamila Marcinek
Database Developer
Agnieszka Sas-Malarczyk
Software Developer
Jakub Radyk
Software Developer
Kamil Ostrowski
Senior Software Developer
Paweł Mucha
Senior Software Developer
Michał Sadowy
Test Engineer