Module for web packet filtering software

Problem / Goal
Calnex wanted to create web filters in a more intuitive way. The previously used application could create filters based on sniffed packets, but CALNEX wanted to create them from scratch, without using any packet sniffer application. The new program should cooperate with CALNEX’s powerful and precise traffic impairment devices just like the legacy application did.

We created FilterBuilder – a new WPF-Prism module in a web packet filtering application called FlowWizard. We presented complicated definitions of web packet heathers as blocks, so the user can easily create filters by adding the proper block and filling in the values. The new GUI allows to use a range of values, wildcards and other user-friendly types of input. FilterBuilder facilitates creating filters for Mac, Ip, Vlan, TCP and other types of packets.

The implementation of a new module resulted in the creation of a better, more efficient and intuitive web packet filtering application.


Paweł Mucha
Senior Software Developer