nooQ – Visual communication

Problem / Goal
The team behind nooQ needed extra manpower to help further the implementation of their idea: a visual communication platform in which graphic heat maps amplify the important issues through the use of innovative volume controls.
The existing solution was enhanced with social media integration via Zapier, Slack and Yammer. The automated process of creating new topics now allows entries from a particular system to be immediately discussed within nooQ. What’s more, using the ElasticSearch engine for data aggregation allows the system to easily access data at a moment’s notice.

Real-time chat was also added into the application, along with support for video calls, to make the experience even more personal.

The integration of multiple social applications enables users to access the data most relevant to them, regardless of which apps they favour. Now, between the built-in chat functionality and the integration of external systems, nooQ has become a one-stop place for gathering and interacting with multiple sources of information.