Localised news portal

Problem / Goal
We were asked to extend an existing corporate website consisting of online searching, booking and purchasing flights. Our task was to create a separate news portal with shared search controls. The portal was supposed to be localised in 8 different languages. A big issue was that we had to develop a mechanism that would allow the user to switch languages in both directions: from the original site to the news site and back.
We created a webpage using Drupal CMS. This content management platform was a good choice because of its high level of configurability, which made it easy to prepare a simple news portal, and its built-in localization support. However, since none of the language selection controllers included in the Drupal core were prepared to operate in the way we needed, we had to develop our own solution as an extension of the original mechanism.

Our work also involved the configuration of the nginx web server and routing mechanism.


Radosław Szuban
Infrastructure Engineer
Jakub Radyk
Software Developer
Maciej Weryk
Software Developer