Photovoltaic installation online calculator

Problem / Goal
The cost of a PV (solar panel) installation depends on many factors. Calculating it on your own could result mistakes – and of course, it takes a long time. Another problem is the frequent law changes which make the calculations even more complicated.
The website consists of a calculator, a searchable, filtered database of fitters, solar panels and inverters and a WordPress knowledge base. Thanks to the included databases, the user can easily find fitters in his neighborhood. The user can also search installation components by price, power or efficiency and find the best place to buy them.

The user can simulate profits and losses of a PV installation according to the chosen elements and financing method. All calculation results are returned by an API, thus making it easy in the future to create a mobile application without modifying the backend.

The website backend enables the creation of different kinds of administrative accounts. The customer can create accounts for third-party companies for database updating purposes.

The website comprehensively helps to prepare for the construction of solar PV installations. The customer can save time and avoid errors when calculating the cost of investment, as well as find the optimal set of hardware to mount and installation company. The powerful administration panel allows easy page content updating.


Radosław Szuban
Infrastructure Engineer
Maciej Weryk
Software Developer
Marek Kud
Software Developer
Michał Sadowy
Test Engineer