Skyscanner PR

Problem / Goal

Public relations work for the website started in May 2008. They contained creation of feature articles published in the Internet and press as well as posts on Internet forums. In 2009 a blog called “Wiadomości” (News) was started, where British articles localised for the Polish market were published, e.g. “Skyscanner przedstawia: Najdziwniejsze toalety na świecie” (World’s wackiest toilets revealed!), our own articles, such as “Od 1 maja Polacy mogą pracować w 13 krajach UE(Starting from May 1st, Poles can work in 13 EU countries), as well as selected articles from the air travel trade delivered by content distributors.

Thanks to the PR work mentioned above as well as optimisation, the website increased its number of users by 200% in 3 years, while the “Wiadomości” blog is now visited by about 14 thousand readers monthly.

In parallel to publishing entries on the blog, our own articles were being mailed to media. In 2010, 438 articles were published in printed and Internet media in which the Skyscanner name was mentioned, always a positive or neutral connotation.

In our articles we paid special attention to linguistic correctness and on-site text aesthetics.


Hanna Fleszar
Co-founder and Administrator