Skyscanner website

Problem / Goal
The customer needed a complete travel website solution. The main challenge was a large amount of data and localisation needed in multiple languages. At the beginning we have worked as a typical outsourcing company, but after a few years the Skyscanner has decided to open a polish branch and hire all of OOC employees.
Having cooperated with Skyscanner since 2005, our team has been involved in all programming aspects of the Skyscanner site: web page creation, localisation, API, data mining, testing and many, many more. During the cooperation our team designed and implemented a few innovative parts of the Skyscanner site, including widgets and web scraping. We have been responsible for maintenance of all components of the portal. Our employees were also responsible for managing customer feedback. During our work for Skyscanner our priority was quality of the final product.
Skyscanner is now a leading global travel search site offering a free flight search service as well as online comparisons for hotels and car rental.Currently, it employs more than 600 people and the website handles about 40 million visits a month in more than 30 different languages.We are very proud of participating in creation of this website.


Wit Więch
Co-founder and CEO
Robert Pelczarski
Co-founder and Senior Developer
Tomasz Marcinek
Co-founder and Software Architect
Małgorzata Marek
Co-founder and QA Manager
Radosław Szuban
Infrastructure Engineer