The Golden Algorithm

Problem / Goal
Calnex came to us with their in-house developed desktop application, the Calnex Analyzer Tool (CAT). Though CAT was intended mainly as a supporting tool for the hardware produced by Calnex, its poor calculation performance, errors and cluttered user interface discouraged potential buyers.
We redeveloped the existing application and invented new, faster algorithms used for analysis of time-value data obtained from hardware testing transmission parameters in ICT networks. We also redesigned the UI to boost usability and overall appearance. This helped improve the performance and appearance of the CAT, which now provides efficient calculation of statistics and their analysis.
The application speed increased almost a hundredfold. The errors have been removed and CAT has become the world’s most advanced software in its field, and it continues to contribute significantly to Calnex’s equipment increased sale.

Calnex has been awarded with Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2015.


Wit Więch
Co-founder and CEO
Robert Pelczarski
Co-founder and Senior Developer
Kamil Ostrowski
Senior Software Developer
Paweł Mucha
Senior Software Developer