Web packet filtering software

Problem / Goal
CALNEX wanted to port a legacy, web filter-managing application – FlowWizard – to a new architecture. The new solution should be modular and should separate business logic from GUI, which would later on allow the easy changing of technology and addition of new features. It should work with CALNEX’s powerful and precise traffic impairment devices just like the legacy code did.
We worked closely with the CALNEX team to port the legacy FlowWizard application to a new modular architecture, using WPF and Prism technology. Originally, FlowWizard read Wireshark files with sniffed packets and, basing on that, it created filter definitions and then sent them to the CALNEX tool. We added new features to support new Wireshark formats and import and export filter definitions. We also removed the legacy WinForms user interface, and rebuilt it into a module that could be used by the WPF application.

Redevelopment of the legacy code resulted in a new flexible application that can be easily expanded in the future. After the first release CALNEX decided to hand over the maintenance of FlowWizard to the OOC team.


Agnieszka Sas-Malarczyk
Software Developer
Paweł Mucha
Senior Software Developer