MLM geocaching game

Problem / Goal
TreasureBug was a geocaching-like game. It needed a website and a mobile application to enable Hunters and Treasure Managers to manage hunts, search for treasures, claim prizes, generate reports and much more. The project required a cross-platform solution for multiple device types (incl. mobile phones and tablets) and operating systems (incl. iOS and Android). The mobile application was supposed to be able to use hardware features available on mobile devices (such as GPS, camera or internet connection). The layout needed to be responsive for any possible device’s screen resolution.
We solved the multiplatform issue by using PhoneGap.

Our CSS master designed and implemented the responsive layout.

Google Maps were used for displaying tips for hunters. The Marker Manager library let us present areas of hunts in a very usable manner. The Google Maps API let us draw colorful shapes, so we used circles and lines as clues. Additional integration with the GPS API resulted in an attractive and handy map.

We created a web-based administration panel for so called “Treasure Managers” with advanced price-choosing mechanisms and a complicated set of rules saying who can hunt which treasure. We integrated this panel with a third-party sofware for Multi-Level Marketing.

Although technically only one application, the fact that the same code could be run on multiple devices meant new features could be developed very quickly to many device types at once.

The application worked online and offline, so treasure hunters could use it out in the field. Managers got a tool for monitoring hunts and planning new adventures. They could generate pretty welcome letters, useful treasure sheets and technical reports.


Tomasz Marcinek
Co-founder and Software Architect
Małgorzata Marek
Co-founder and QA Manager
Kamila Marcinek
Database Developer