Close-knit team

Working as a small team ensures better communication and higher efficiency. This means you will have our full attention. While implementing larger projects, we also collaborate with external experts and companies from the local ICT cluster.

Staff creativity

Our employees are ambitious and have innovative ideas, so our customers receive unique products, whether it is an outstanding user interface, a new algorithm or fast data processing. We are able to adapt to the growing needs of our global customers and business partners.

Willingness to take on new challenges

We specialize in solving tough problems that have proven too difficult for other teams. We love possibilities to learn new skills or obtain domain-specific knowledge.

Qualified, experienced professionals

Most of our employees have 5+ years of experience in IT, gained through either employment or cooperation with such international entities as Skyscanner, Calnex Solutions or Microsoft. This gives you a guarantee of quality and delivery, as well as the possibility to train your own staff by working alongside our experts.

Similar time zone, working time flexibility

Unlike many outsourcing companies located eg. in Asia, we work in the European CET time zone and you can contact us in your normal working hours. We can adjust our working time to the needs of our Clients: in the past, we have worked for clients from GMT-7 (California) to GMT+8 (Singapore).

Customized solutions

We’re experts in providing effective work instruments, manipulating and aggregating large amounts of data in real time with dedicated subroutines for handling corruption or inconsistency. In addition we specialize in advising proper hardware solutions for maximum efficiency and robustness.

Very good English language skills

You can be sure you’ll have an easy time communicating in English with our consultants.

Competitive prices

Our prices are lower than those in major Polish cities, and much lower than those of our competitors from Western Europe.

Good knowledge of EU and US idiosyncrasies

We have first-hand experience with European and American markets, allowing us to develop effective solutions for them. Easier paperwork means we can focus on solving actual problems.